Save the Date Etiquette

Save the date etiquette is not as stringent as the guidelines for sending wedding invitations or the other customs and practices of a typical wedding. However, there are still some formalities to adhere to as well as some faux pas to avoid. Here are a few key aspects to sending a save the date that reflect a couple's level of formality for their wedding:

  • The Type of Save the Date
    Save the dates come in a various formats that span many different levels of formality. Traditional cards, postcards, magnets, and email/online save the dates are all acceptable ways to remind guests of your wedding date. But they vary greatly in terms of formality so it's important to choose a style that reflects you as a couple and that you can afford. We've created a guide that compares the cost of each of these formats. Generally the price and the level of formality go hand in hand (more formal, more expensive).
  • The Content/Wording Used
    Save the date wording can vary depending on how formal/informal your announcement will be. We've collected guidance regarding wording that will help ensure you say what you want in a way that comes across well to friends and family.
  • The Timing (When They Are Sent)
    It's important to send your save the dates far enough in advance of your wedding that guests have time to plan accordingly. Guests need more time to prepare for a big destination wedding than an informal gathering at a nearby church. Making sure you send save the dates at the right time (with enough time for your guests to attend) is crucial.

Below is a collection of resources that will answer you questions save the date etiquette questions on a variety of topics.

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