Boho Save the Dates

Bohemian weddings are filled with boho chic elements such as floral prints and other close ties to nature. Boho styled save the date cards, postcards, and magnets incorporate the free spirit of a couple's inner hippie with floral designs, arrows, feathers, and other natural elements. They often evoke a soft, gentle tone that is in harmony with nature.

Boho weddings resonate with a particular type of person, often someone with an inner gypsy spirit. Bohomenians are more likely to be found at Coachella than at church, so you'll find most boho-themed weddings taking place outdoors rather than inside. Beaches and gardens are popular choices, but really anywhere where the sun shines and wind blows are ideal venues for boho weddings. And if your wedding guests live as freely as you do, it's advised to send your bohemian save the dates 6-9 months in advance of your wedding—particularly if it's a destination wedding. This will give them sufficient time to prepare to join you your big day.