Summer Save the Dates

Summer weddings are a perennial favorite among couples. With the most accommodating weather for outdoor weddings and school out for summer, June, July, and August are popular choices for wedding dates year after year. In fact, these months are the heart of wedding season with June being the most popular month for weddings. Most couples want to avoid the Fourth of July holiday when planning a wedding, but the rest of the summer weekends are great choices.

Because of the popularity of summer weddings and the peak of vacations and travel, sending save the date cards, postcards, or magnets for your summertime wedding is extremely important. By sending your guests save the date cards 6-9 months ahead of your wedding date you'll ensure they have ample time to accommodate their summer schedules to include time blocked off for your wedding. So if your wedding takes place in June-August you'll need to mail save the dates between October-March depending on the specific date. This is particularly important if you're having a destination wedding or a wedding that requires substantial travel for your guests such as a beach wedding.