Monogram Save the Dates

Using initials as a monogram dates back as far as 350BC. They were used by royalty to signify property ownership or official correspondence. Centuries later, it continues to be popular for people to monogram their initials on towels, luggage, and stationery. In the southern United States monogramming is a popular way to add a personalized touch to items such as clothing, cars, and more.

Save the dates are unique when it comes to monogrammed stationery because save the date cards are often sent with just first names in contrast to wedding invitations which include full names of each person getting married. Because first names are often used and because couples are not yet married, monogram save the dates could depict:

  • The current initials of each person: (AS + ED) = Adam Smith + Eve Davis
  • The initials of each person's first name: (A + E) = Adam + Eve
  • The unified, future initials of the couple as a 3-letter monogram: (ASE) = Adam & Eve Smith
  • One letter, the initial of the surname the couple will use: (S) = Smith

There is no right or wrong monogram style to choose; some of it depends on your personal level of formality (regarding first or last names, taking your future spouse's surname, etc.) and the actual style of the save the date template.

Modern save the date cards, magnets and postcards often use modern typography, the style of fonts you see on the web and when using digital devices. The styling is also often different from more traditional save the dates and invitations; casual photos are used and even light-hearted or funny sayings. They often break from the traditional use of full names or elegant/formal looks for a more unique design.

But sending save the dates has cemented its place in the canon of wedding planning. Letting your guests know 6-9 months in advance of your wedding is a way to help them adequately plan their calendars so that they can be with you on your big day.

As culture has shifted, save the dates are more casual than ever. So it's not uncommon to see save the dates with trendy phrases, sayings or hashtags that are prevalent across social media. Trends these days include save the dates featuring a couple's dog. But current styles and trends don't stick around forever—modern will always mean what contemporary culture considers to be the current state of style.