Floral Save the Dates

The use of flowers in weddings has been around almost as far back as history takes us—perhaps even back to the Garden of Eden. In primitive weddings stinking flowers were used to ward off evil spirits and in roman weddings flowers symbolized fertility and fidelity. Today it's hard to imagine modern weddings without bridal bouquets, floral centerpieces, and boutonnieres. Even if the symbolism has faded, their presence continues due to their timeless beauty.

Ideas include specific flower save the dates such as tulips, roses, hydrangeas, peonies, lilies and other flowers. Other couples opt for a more non-specific floral design such as greenery, garlands, ferns, orange blossoms, a floral bouquet or a botanical garden inspired scene. Floral themes are appropriate year-round—not just for spring or summer weddings.

Floral save the dates are also a good choice if you're not using a photo for your mailing. You can simply choose a design, use your wedding information and let the flowers be the visual focal point of the stationery. This will allow you to send save the dates long before your wedding date, even if you haven't decided on a floral theme for your wedding yet. Chances are high that you've already decided on your wedding flowers, so floral save the dates are a great way to declare the theme of your wedding to family and friends long before your bridal bouquet is arranged for your big day.