Vintage Save the Dates

Parts of our collective history are worth repeating. The roaring 20's, the glitz and glam of early Hollywood or the beginnings of Vegas evoke feelings of excitement and old-world glamour. There's also a simple beauty and charm found in the tones and textures of vintage clothing such as pearls, lace, birdcage veils and well-tailored dresses and suits. These serve as fabulous themes for weddings today because with the arrival of the 2020's, vintage and retro looks are back in vogue. Retro venues such as old cotton gins, distilleries or other renovated buildings have helped pave the way for vintage-themed weddings to make a comeback.

Vintage save the dates give couples a chance to set the tone for their vintage-themed wedding 6-9 months in advance of the wedding dates. Templates include old movie title cards, simple fonts, peacock feathers, looks from The Great Gatsby, and 20s, 30s, and 40's typography.

Vintage weddings take guests back to a simpler time prior to when phones and computers saturated every corner of our lives. Maybe that's why vintage weddings have a different feel to them and often include small details that take guests back to a bygone era: pocket watches, mustaches, suspenders, black & white photos, pearls and lace, and antique everything--from books to teapots.