Spring Save the Dates

Spring weddings take place in the months of March, April and May. In fact, May begins the peak wedding season (May-Oct). As winter fades and spring begins to bloom, couples begin to both figuratively and literally head outside. Because of this, spring usually means an increase in outdoor weddings taking place in gardens, backyards, and other outdoor venues.

As you prepare to send your spring save the date cards, magnets or postcards, you'll want to plan to mail them 6-9 months before your wedding date. That means anywhere from to June to November depending on the date of your wedding.

Each spring there are some annual events and dates that could conflict with your wedding date. Easter and Memorial Day are big holidays in the United States that you'll want to avoid. Spring Break is a toss-up—for some guests it means easier attendance but others may have travel plans that will keep them from attending your ceremony.

Weddings in the spring are also often perfect for floral and botanical themes. As flowers bloom, there's a sense of new beginnings for birds and love birds alike. Spring weddings often use green and pastels as color choices to match the other hues they see in gardens and parks during springtime. These colors and themes are great ideas to incorporate into your save the date cards.