Rustic Save the Dates

For some couples the rigid confines of a sanctuary or a rented facility aren't a good match for their adventurous spirit. Whether you love to hike trails together, grew up in the country or are just country at heart, outdoor weddings are the ideal choice for some couples. Such weddings have a different feel to them than their indoor counterparts, but they also open the door (literally) to world of new possibilities for your wedding.

Rustic weddings can take place in a backyard, barn, on a campground, at the foot of a mountain or any other non-traditional wedding venue. They often include country charm such as mason jars, wood (logs, chairs, fireplaces, and the like), hay, greenery, burlap and even fireflies on occasion. When the wedding is outdoors, the line between nature and ceremony is often blurred.

Setting the theme of your wedding with your save the dates is a great way to convey early on to potential guests that the wedding will take place outside. Rustic save the date postcards, cards, and magnets let your guests know early about your upcoming outdoor wedding date. Attendees can mark their calendars and prepare to join you and witness you say your nuptials in nature. Woodland themes and forest colors of brown and green add a touch of rustic, natural charm to your save the dates.