Rose Gold Save the Dates

The popularity of rose gold has soared over the past few years. Rose gold is actually gold blended with copper and silver. While rose gold is actually jewelry, the color of rose gold items has crossed over into clothing, stationery, makeup, and even smartphones. In fact, the iPhone 6 was the first device to come in rose gold and supposedly 60% of pre-orders for that color.

While "gold" is in its name, rose gold is actually looks less like the color of gold and is more accurately a shade of pink. There's something quintessentially romantic about the color as it blends together precious metals (gold, copper, silver) with pink shades of love and romance.

It's not a surprise that engaged couples often use this color as a part of their color palette for their wedding.

Rose gold save the dates are particularly ideal because their color is so brilliant when printed as text or with a foil overlay. This makes them great choices for formal or modern save the dates since they are one of the most popular color schemes in recent years.